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PCI Worldwide, Inc. operates from its Head Office and factories in the Philippines. It was established in 2003 by the country’ s pioneers in carrageenan production and since then has directly marketed its carrageenan products throughout the world under the RICO® Carrageenan trade name.

Backed up by more than 30 years of experience in the industry, PCI Worldwide aims to be the global leader in the food ingredients solution business. Its sole focus on carrageenan and its blends have made PCI Worldwide one of the industry’ s most reliable carrageenan partners.

PCI Worldwide, Inc. continuously develops new and innovative products aligned with the customer’ s vision of expanding their own product line. In accordance with such objectives, PCI has established a research laboratory primarily to cater to the strict demands of its clients.

The company’ s vast worldwide network has helped PCI Worldwide rationalize the gap with its end users. Our regional logistical partners ensure that materials are available at the soonest possible time.

RICO® Carrageenan is available in food and non-food grades, encompassing virtually every culinary application requiring viscosity, stability, or texture improvement.

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